(Works 100%) Speedy Ninja Jade Hack Generator

Speedy Ninja Jade Hack Generator

Hello, there fellow gamers around the world! After spending weeks of intense playing and thoroughly analyzing the game, we know fully understand that Speedy Ninja, developed by NetEase Games is truly a remarkable game. It is an action-packed running side-scrolling platformer game that will surely make you want more and more of its a thrilling to experience.

In Speedy Ninja, you’re going to tap on jump and dive buttons to leap over or dive under many obstacles as they run on both the top and bottom of the horizontal rope. Various power-ups will sometimes appear in front of you, which may give you a temporary speed boost or protect you with a lightning shield and such.

But as you progress through each stage of the game, it will get significantly harder. And to cope with that, players must collect Jade as they run, which can be spent on upgrades for their ninja’s basic status, upgrades for weapons, or maybe even buy a new one.


But you’re going to need a lot of time and effort to collect Jade. So if you want the easy way to get unlimited Jade, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Open the link below or above
  2. Type in your Speedy Ninja ID
  3. Type in any amount of your Jade requirements
  4. Just wait for a second while the program is running, and all of the Jade will be ready at your disposal

The Speedy Ninja Jade Hack Generator is a tool specifically designed by our team of professional hackers, to help you get more fun from the game easily. You can generate an unlimited amount of Jade, and you can also generate any items that you want from the game. And not only that, but you can also gain access to all of the game’s contents that are previously unaccessible. And it’s all free of charge!

The Speedy Ninja Hack Tool features:

  • Jade generator
  • Item generator
  • Unlimited access to the game’s unlockable and exclusive contents
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