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Greetings heroes, Wonder Tactics, the new mobile game released by Com2Us can’t be taken lightly. The mix between and tactical battle strategy and role-playing games is very fun to play.

The game that available on Google Play Store and iOS Apps Store offers unique features such as collectible up to 250 various heroes from knights to legendary dragons with certain traits that can be awaken using gems.

The players are given the pleasure to strengthen heroes their way such as evolving the heroes to power-up their skills and summon the legendary heroes with six different levels.

The game also features 150 dungeons and special dungeons such as Tower of Treasures, Raid, Secrets Dungeon, and Arena with three difficulty modes, simple team formation that can be changed for different battle styles, and challenge other players in PVP mode. Wonder Tactics is a fun game to keep you busy for a long time.

As fun as it is, to spend a very long time to level up the characters is very boring. Just like the most of the free mobile games, the players can speed things up by paying some real money to buy Crystals, and to evolve the heroes into the coolest one and we know most of the players don’t want that.

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Our Wonder Tactics Hack Tool includes:

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  • Shortcuts and special cheats to beat the special dungeons
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