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Greetings players, are you ready for an amazing role-playing game experience? Gaea Mobile Ltd presents you with Wartune – Hall of Heroes where millions of players together to share a victory with friends.

Wartune – Hall of Heroes features an epic action/strategy combat with expansive city-building and farming mechanics. Play solo in Story Mode if you brave enough to explore dungeons alone or you can team up with friends by forms a guild and dominate the leaderboards.

Play as a legendary knight, a deadly archer, or a powerful mage it’s up to you. Customize your appearance with weapons and armor, craft enchanted gear and become mighty, don’t forget to collect rare loot drips as you explore the realm of Wartune – Hall of Heroes.

We know that to get the best game experience in this awesome strategy game, you will have to collect  Balens which is the currency used in the game. To collect Balens you can play throughout the game, join PVP or special events, or you can also purchase it with your real money on the developer’s page.

Be The Strongest One In Wartune Game!

But to do all of that will waste your time and money, so we offer you a tool to get the massive amount of Balens without waste your time or your money that is by using our magnificent generator the Wartune Balens Hack Generator.

To get our awesome generator you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Fill it with your Wartune – Hall of Heroes ID
  3. Add how many Balens you want. Be greed!
  4. Wait for a minute, and your Balens will be delivered in your vault

By using our Free Wartune Hack Generator, get your Balens for free right now! No need to waste your time or money anymore, all you need to do is follow our instructions above and this magnificent generator will be yours.

Our Wartune Hack Generator includes:

  • Tons of Balens you always wanted
  • Powerful armor and deadly weapons
  • Rare loots and useful items for free
  • Other perks and unlockables
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