War Ages – Legend of Kings Online Gems Hack Generator

War Ages – Legend of Kings Gems Hack Generator

Play for free in the most exciting SLG Game ever, WAR AGES-LEGEND OF KINGS! Raise your army to fight for Glory in war ages. In this game you have to build a mighty City and compete against millions of players from different countries.Conduct researches to effectively boost the development of your city. Check out this award-winning strategy game and play it now! Join a mighty Alliance to chat and make friends with players all around the world.

Train multiple troops, constantly develop your hero to lead your army to final victory and get yourself prepared for attacks against countless rivals. Lead your Hero, forge powerful equipment freely with mysterious ingredients for your hero  and occupy the Throne and declare yourself the King of the Kingdom through Ages of History!

WAR AGES-LEGEND OF KINGS use Gems as its game currencies. With Gems you can buy various things, from weapons for your troops and even ingredients to forge your own Soul Equipment. To collect the Gems you have to play throughout the game, win a rewards in the events or you can purchase it by using real money just like other free games. the problem is to purchase it with real money is very expensive and to play throughout the game with ordinary hero and army is just too boring.

Luckily we in the team have solved the problems by using the WAR AGES-LEGEND OF KINGS GEMS HACK GENERATOR! With the WAR AGES-LEGEND OF KINGS GEMS HACK GENERATOR you can unlock tons of Gems for free and be the most badass player ever! All you need to do is click the link below, fill it with your ID and how many Gems you want, it’s free and easy! Of course you can repeat the process again and again


  • Unlimited stocks of Gems
  • New items for your city
  • Rare ingredients to forge your special Soul Equipment
  • Train your army faster, make your army stronger
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