The Horus Heresy Spirit Hack Generator

The Horus Heresy Spirit Hack Generator

The Horus Heresey is a multiplayer online based game with stunning interface and gameplay. This game has really great 3D gameplay with very fast paced tactical combat.Choose your side on Emperor’s as Loyalist or Horus’s as Traitor on Warhammer world as civil war begun. As a team Captain you get choice to assembly your own troops and customize your army to enter the battle field.

Choose Emperor’s Child, Death Guard, World Eaters or Sons of Hours as your legions each of them have unique abilities you can explored. Also you can teaming up with friends and create your own chapter to challenge another’s in world live multiplayer skirmish. Customize your base with defense among visually stunning ruins in the world of Warhammer. Unlock all powerful troops and get rid of all your enemies.

To unlock all powerful troops you need to do battle with your foes, or you can get them in live multiplayer skirmish. You will never beat your enemies without massive upgrades and powerful troops. Or you can trade them with spirit you can get from battle or buy them from their official page on Google Play and App Store. But, will you wasting your time and money to buy such a worthless spirit if we have a solution for this.

We gladly announce you that our team been worked so hard to give you a HORUS HERESEY SPIRITS HACK GENERATOR. Now you can get all of those spirits you can get freely. Simply just click the link bellow, and fill the generator’s requirements. Then you can generate spirits yourself as much as you can get.


  • Unlimited spirits
  • Unlock all troops
  • Speed up the waiting process
  • Unlimited HP on your troops
  • Unlimited War Bonus
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