Terra Genesis Unlimited Genesis Points Hack Generator

Terra Genesis Unlimited Genesis Points Hack Generator

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Our main topic this time is about a game called Terra Genesis, a game that will make you spend days or even weeks playing it non-stop. Terra Genesis is developed by Alexander Winn, and it is a truly remarkable game.

Not only that it is fun and addictive, but it is also highly educative, it is really a one of a kind simulation game.Your main goal in the game is to turn an uninhabited planet into a civilized one. And there are many things that you should do to accomplish that, let’s discuss about it further.

In the game, you will first choose among four different faction, and land on one of the nine starting planets to start building colonies and facilities. Change your planet’s atmospheric pressure, oxygen level, sea level and more into make a world that’s capable of sustaining various lifeform.

There are of course, various things that you have to pay with Genesis Points to get, like various special perks or even a new planet. As the in-game exclusive currency, Genesis Points are not like any other resources that are easily obtainable, you have to buy them via in-app purchases.


Seeing as there is no other way that players can get their hands on Genesis Points, we decided to create an alternative way to get them, with our Terra Genesis Genesis Points Hack Generator.

Our generator is created by a team of professional hackers and programmers to give you a way to have fun in the game. You can now generate an unlimited amount of Genesis Points, and you can also get any specific items that you want from the game. And not just that, you will now have access to all of the game’s unlockable and exclusive contents. And it’s all completely free of any charge!

The Terra Genesis Hack Tool features:

  • Genesis Points Generator
  • Item generator
  • Access to unlockable and exclusive contents
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