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Hello, RPG lovers!

I understand that you’ve been playing Storm of Heroes, the role-playing game with a tweak of town building and lots of features, for a long time and not a single day you pass without playing it, it is addictive and promises a great fun.

Hoolai Games Ltd. Succeed combining town building and an action  RPG game with this Storm of Heroes game, the unique play style, and cool graphic makes a powerful combination of a great game.

They give you   RPG game experience and also town building and strategy tactics. You will have to defeat every enemy on this game to succeed, or use the online feature to form a guild then have guild battles.

To be the best player then you need lots of equipment from armor, weapon and hero upgrades, you also need to always build your city to have a perfect building, to save your precious time building and collecting those items then you need Ballens, the in game hottest currency.


You will be awarded Ballens everytime you finish a quest or win battles, sometime you only get a few, sometime later you don’t get any Ballens at all.

To ensure you have stock of lots Ballens then you need to purchase it through the in-game store with real money. Don’t want to do that? Then use our Storm of Heroes Ballens Hack Generator and you will be granted with  Ballens as much as you want it for free!

Our generator, Storm of Heroes Ballens Hack, is a hack program that will grant you access to unlimited Ballens. You can use those that Ballens to buy many items, upgrades and armor that will ease your way to be the best player in this game!

Storm of Heroes Hack Generator feature:

  • free to use
  • unlimited Ballens
  • easy interface- and much more
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