(New Engine) Legend of Norland Free Diamonds Hack Generator

Legend of Norland Free Diamonds Hack Generator

To be the best in this game, Legend of Norland is no other than to set the good strategies, mastering your skill to handle the heroes and have some diamonds to which have many utilities to support you win this game.

Those diamond only can be obtained when you win the match, a gift from special events or send each other with your friend. But it is also able to get by the tool that we provide specially for you guys the Legends of Norland addict. It is Legend of Norland Diamonds Hack Generator which helps you to get those diamonds instantly.

Legend of Norland is an MOBA&ARPG game which comes with some heroes you can choose to be played. With various abilities and skills, you can pick one that suits you, whether you like to fight with ranged attack heroes or melee attack one.

The match is done by a 3v3 online battle against other millions of players. Collect the heroes, purchase, and equipping some items and weapons, destroy the enemies tower and defeat them. This game is also supported with 3D graphic which gonna make the match atmosphere more exciting.


Legend of Norland Hack Tool makes you easier to get the diamond within the short time. Allows you to buy weapons and items to be put on your heroes to make them become the strong one. So you will be faster and easier to destroy your enemies.

Besides providing diamond, it also can open heroes who still locked. You will not be bored! You gonna have the full set of heroes which you can use alternately. The other advantages are if you hero die, it will be revived quickly without any charge.

Legend of Norland Cheat Hack will allows you to have this surplus, which is:   

  1. Free diamonds
  2. No revive cooldown and charge
  3. Unlock all set of heroes
  4. And a lot more
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