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Hey there, friends! If you have been currently addicted to Eldrian Legacy game that is released by JOYCITY corp. Then it is okay to be that way because Eldrian Legacy offers lots of fun and it’s normal to be addicted to it!

The game is the casual RPG-style, with the normal feature of online RPG like guilds, PVP and much more, the main attractiveness is the stunning graphic, they offer a great looking graphic alongside a powerful sense of play.

The game consists of the daily battle against an evil which involves lots of boss fighting, you can do this with your friends or just go and play solo, whichever way you choose a lot of equipment for you to beat any enemy you run into easily.

To get those items like armor or upgrades then you need Diamonds to start. You need a lot of Diamonds to get amazing upgrades on your champions, having the usual free Diamonds you collect by playing freely won’t ever be enough to get anything good for your champion.

But also, visiting the in-game store is also not an option either. Instead, you can use our free generator to get Diamonds easily!

Eldrian Legacy Free Diamonds – FULL HACK GUIDE

Eldrian Legacy Hack Generator feature:

  • tons of Diamonds
  • a chance to get all items
  • a chance to be the best player
  • and much more

With our Eldrian Legacy Diamonds Hack Generator you will get Diamonds for free. You can use it to collect all the items in the game, and only then you have the chance to be the best player and have your ID displayed on the international scoreboard!

Many more feature also comes along, like the free refill and a friendly generator display. Use our generator now!


  • Development Chief: Gregory Munch
  • Graphic Designer: Rodney Miller
  • Script Programer: Marck Dollin
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