Monster City Unlimited Gems Hack Generator

Monster City Gems Hack Generator

The feeling of playing breeding games in tamagotchi still linger on everyone. People loves to feed the their virtual pet and make them grow. In this modern world of mobile games era, game developer has developed many virtual pet simulation games similar to tamagotchi. Monster City for iOS and Android is pet simulation game with many plus features.

You can hatch your monster as pet and evolve them with stronger mature looks. You will be given an island as a starter and egg to hatch. There is habitat for every different type of monster and decorations to make your island special only for you. The monsters is also capable of fighting and yes this feature is the main element in Monster City as it is your sole purpose of raising your pet. There’s virtual story battle arena where you can grind for level and online battle arena where you can face other player to get extra rewards.

Food, buck coins and gems is your key to success to win in this game. Food are required for every battle, either online or story arena. Buck coins is your general in-game money to spend for new egg, new habitat, decors, even for evolving. You can earn more money based on how many monster you raise on your habitat.

More monster means more money. More monster can also have advantages in battle as you can compose different monster team to fight and take control of vulnerable element to your opponent monster. Gems is all-around premium currency. You can get extra island to expand your monster army, many exclusive facility and rare decors, high rank and rarer eggs can also be bought in the shop if you have enough gem to spend. Thus, gems is mandatory if you want to dominate the game. Monster City is fun but the need of gem is frustrating.

We know you need more gem as much as we do. Our team has specialized in hack generator to create Monster City gem hack generator. Fulfill your need of having rare monster and become the top player by using our Monster City gems hack generator. Buy that rare eggs, own extra island and unleash your powerful pet to show them who is the best tamer of Monster City.

Our Monster City gem hack generator feature:

  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited buck coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Safe to use and easy operation
  • Apple and android compatible
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