Miscrits World of Creatures Online Platinum Hack Generator

Miscrits World of Creatures Platinum Hack Generator

Gotta catch ’em all! Is that ring you a bell? If you know that sentence then you probably have ever play pokemon. RPG games with the ability to capture wild monster (pokemon) to your team and train them so that you fight and enter the tournament in pokemon universe. Miscrits: world of creatures is just similiar. You are in fictional world of miscria where you trying to become strong tamer of miscria world and hopefully stop the evil brinks of chaos caused by some bad enemies. You will come into several town, can meet a collection of 400 hundreds miscrits (the monster that you can tame and train) and of course battle other on PVP arena to show them whose the better.

The graphic is so-so, some people might prefer pokemon graphic over Miscrits: world of creatures. The graphic is kind of old style graphic put in somewhere between 2D and 3D polygon. The color is somewhat dull and boring. You might get used to it after some play, but i find it just too plain. The animation is kind of overused. It is nice but quite strange.

The sound? This is the only one that i found quite okay. It is not high detailed quality of back sound, but, still acceptable throughout the games. To put that aside, i love monster collecting games where you can train, evolve, and use them in battle then embark on journey to see what is going on in the world. But, yeah, if you’re okay with the graphic, you can play this game without worrying much.

Like any other game, you will have to manage and collect income to manage your life. Your miscrits needs item and you need money to buy them in the shop. Money is easy to get because every battle net you money. PVP will give more. But you lose some if you are on the losing side. Pretty straightforward, item and item is your only purpose of money. No skill upgrade require your gold. The other one is platinum, your only premium currency in Miscrits: world of creatures. You can use it to buy nice legendary miscrits and VIP feature, great feature of healing item and other things, via in-app purchase.  You can get platinum if you buy it via in-app purchase shop with your real money.

You don’t have to spend your real world money guys. We are already create this Miscrits: world of creatures platinum hack generator for you. You can generate unlimited amount of platinum anytime you want. This Miscrits: world of creatures platinum hack generator is free to use and safe. What are you waiting for? Grab that nice looking miscrits, stocked-up your item anytime without worrying your gold runs out and become the top trainer in Miscrits: world of creatures.

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