Manga Arena Free Diamonds Hack (No Jailbreak or Root)

Manga Arena Diamonds Hack Generator

There is plenty of RPG games out there in either play store or apps store. Ranging from final fantasy turn-based offline RPG to complicating element with online capabilities like chaos & order online which is categorized for MMORPG style.

Manga Arena by Yang Chun Chi (looks like the person name who developed this game) is one of MORPG games where you can collect many anime manga heroes ranging from character like luffy from one pice, naruto, even his kyubi form, character from fairy tale and many more. There is also original artwork designed from the game itself with new abilities. The basic thing is you have to form the perfect formation from 5 individual hero and throw them away in combat.

Different formation will gives different benefits based on the placement of your heroes. There is many ton of nice features added by Yang Chun Chi to make you feel the game has fast paced gameplay. Rise your hero level and their rank to even 10 stars rank SSS ranks and equip them with the best equipment you can ever found.

Fun thing is your rewards from battle, event, quest and certain spin-off mission is enough. But if you want to win this game easily you might want to use diamonds as soon as you have collected them much to draw 100% rare heroes cards. You can get normal card or item via those rewards i stated before. But, they just regular gold coins or some points. Diamonds can bring your arsenal to top tier so that you can compete with other. Plus you can refill your stamina.

Yes, Manga Arena implemented game limitation by introducing stamina that goes down on every battle you chose. Normal battle cost lesser than event battle or PVP competition. So if you have many diamonds you can play Manga Arena as much as you want

Unfortunately, diamonds is premium currency and its hard to get unless you buy them from in-app store by cashing in your real money. To win manga arena and gain victory in every battle the amount of diamonds is mandatory. This is why our special team create Manga Arena diamonds hack generator to gives you unlimited diamonds so you can draw the pack of legendary heroes and have the SSS cards in your formation.

Use this special Manga Arena diamonds hack generator and get this following features:

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited gold coins
  • Unlimited stamina
  • 100% safe proxy guard protection
  • Compatible with all apple and android device
  • No virus and malware
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