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Hourly fun arcade RPG, level progression and collectible items, and to top it, cute zombies, yes I’m talking about the ever popular mobile game, Guns Girl – School DayZ developed by miHoYo Co, Ltd.

That game made you can’t drop your phone because it delivers such a perfect combination of simple playing arcade games and funny plus cute character to interact with. A simple pick-up-and-play gameplay with a nice customization on items, armor, and weapons, also they give some decorative items too.

You will be playing as a four playable character in an apocalyptic world where everyone had turned into a zombie .

The game is addictive and has such a nice graphic; it is also free to play . But to make the game fun you had to access the in-game store to buy Crystals with real money.

Of course, the game pays you with Crystals now and then by letting you complete some quests or events, but that will never be enough to get anything good, not even a decent item will go to your way with just playing normally.

Unlimited Crystals Is Now Free To Generate

You can access the in-game store as I stated before, or you can use our alternative in having tons of Crystals without paying anything! We introduce you to our Guns Girl – School Dayz Unlimited Crystals Hack Generator.

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