Guardian Hunter Free Crystals Hack Generator

Guardian Hunter Crystals Hack Generator

The packed action of the RPG games is dominating in apps store and play store. The feature is quite the same across the game. You play as a hero collecting other heroes, guardian, monster, summon or anything what the game may called. Guardian hunter: super brawl is another action adventure RPG games that can amuse you with its cute character from the heroes to even the monster and bosses. The graphic is near yo japanese artwork stream. You are presented with one normal hero that you chose the class based on your style.

There are three class, warrior, archer, mage. Each of them is powerful on their speciality. None is weak as any other because even mage can spam your enemies with their powerful magic. Well, in guardian hunter: super brawl you are not going to collect heroes, instead you collect guardian. Guardian is basically the monster you slay on the dungeon that you come. If you lucky, their soul will be your to command. You can give them item and train them to raise their level.

Now you might feel that this is useless as the monster main weak group of enemies that is easily beaten by yours. But don’t get it wrong. Aside from leveling them, you can evolve and fuse them to get powerful guardian that is not available in dungeon. To make you hyped on playing this game, the developer gives you five stages from campaign, endless dungeon, boss raid, arena and colosseum.

To beat them all. Making your way into legendary guardian hunter, you need your currency managed a little safe. Your standard currency is gold where you can spend them to enhance your heroes and guardian. Diamond is your special premium currency. You can trade it with more gold or either summon another great guardian via in-app purchase. The cost of the premium item is not cheap. To get more diamonds the games gives you several quest and mission, but if you want to win this game you need more diamonds.

More diamonds or maybe unlimited source of diamond? We can do that for you. Our special team has created this guardian hunter: super brawl diamonds hack generator that can gives you unlimited diamonds to your game. With this unlimited diamond you can get more money, more powerful guardian into your team, beat other player and become the legendary guardian hunter!

Use our special guardian hinter diamonds hack generator with special features:

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