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God Rush is side scrolling games where you can control greek gods to play and fight against evil god army. Hades. You need to form perfect combination and formation when Rushing on every stages. You are given an open world map with specific location that has different function bases on its name. Arena is the place where you can compete with other and become the legend to other player. The spring is where you can obtained free cards every 48 hours. And many more places that can help you advancing the game.

The graphic is more cartoonish because the gods presented in chibi version that applied the same with the enemies. In god Rush you also experience the basic elements of RPG so your gods can become powerful everytime you gain experience points by finishing the stages. By the way, the battle happen rather automatically. When you choose to enter certain stages it will cost you energies then your gods start fighting on its own.

You can click your gods icon when the bar full and starts glowing. It will unleash it signature ability to wipe out the enemies. After that your gods will walk automatically until other enemies comes and eventually you will fight the boss.

With the element of RPG applied in God Rush. You can upgrade your gods and equip them with powerful equipment. If your gods has reach its maximum level and their respective equipment slot is filled you can fuse it with god shard to evolve them and you will much stronger version of your god. This is good because many games only feature one evolution stages and in god Rush you can evolve them to reach its maximum ranks.

You need a lot of resource to become powerful god controller. Gold is mandatory as it is very easy to obtained on every battle. The premium currency, which is gems, is harder to collect and yet it is very hard for your choice to spend it.

It cost real money if you want to buy more gems via in-game shop. The gems pack can be very pricey and most player won’t bother to buy it. Our special God Rush gems hack generator is free to use and you can repeat the process so you can have unlimited gems for your arsenal. This gods Rush diamonds hack generator is easy to operate and without further ado. Use it now.

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