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Dragon Village 2 Diamonds Hack Generator

The creator of Dragon Village the original has decided to remake the successful title in Dragon village 2. For you who thought that dragon village 2 is just another enhancement title of the original version, well you are wrong. In dragon village 2 you still play as dragon breeder/tamer but this time, the story revolve around the world of dragon village tortured by evil doing and you must stop it for all cost.

There’s still hundred of dragon that you can collect. Hatch them from egg and evolve them through 5 stage evolution step, which is kind of special because normal egg hatching-breeding game usually takes 3 stage evolution. You will enjoy playing dragon village 2 because the graphic is so vibrant with many pleasing color and detailed pixel. Smooth animation is okay as the developer try to keep the size of the game pretty small for download. Overall, dragon village 2 is a mixed gameplay from the original version with more RPG element for every dragon breeding fan.

Grinding in dragon village 2 is simple as the game itself. Victory in battle and completing certain quest will net you gold. Spend your gold carefully because you can buy item for your advantages on completing the main story. Sometimes the game also gives you the premium diamonds.

Diamond is the premium currency in dragon village 2. The most effective way spending your diamond is to get rare item on in-game shop. You can get rare egg, healing item, trade it in for extra gold coins or even start your own guild if you happen to have a hundred diamonds. Because diamond is very premium, the easiest way on getting diamond are by buying them on in-game shop for your real life money. Yes. Your precious real life money.

But, wait a moment. Don’t slide in your credit card or enter your debit number to buy extra diamond. Use our free-to-use dragon village 2 diamond hack generator instead. Our special team has dedicated their time to work on dragon village 2 diamond hack generator app. Use as an advantages on beating the other player and became the supreme leader of dragon tamer in dragon village 2. Get unlimited diamond and make your way to the top.

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