Dark Ages 2 Gems Hack Generator

Dark Ages 2 Gems Hack Generator

Dark ages 2 is a sequel from the original title of dark ages with the same style of camelot theme war strategic games. You will be given a full high definition awesome amazing to please your eyes kingdom (pardon my paraphrase) and start your way as great tactician on managing your kingdom to its glorious era of camelot. Hire powerful troop, build stronghold, library, laboratory and other resources facilities to your need and seize other kingdom while maintaining the peace of your own kingdom.

The game will pleased you, as i mentioned earlier with extravagant description. Dark ages 2 deliver smooth graphic, nice animation and real-time war experience. You can seek help from your friend if your kingdom is being attacked by other player. Just don’t get too absorbed in this game because dark ages 2 is nice sequel from the original and really hard for you to put it down.

You friend and alliance is your another key of success in dark ages 2. Even if you are underleveled and beginner, your friend can be a great helps when your kingdom is under attack. Do note that in every city building games you need to upgrade and research everything to become the most powerful tactician of this strategic game.

Hire troops everytime you finish your raid, get higher runes and spells, protect your kingdom walls and collect resources. You can collect loot and resources not just by build resources building but also from sending your looter troop to search them outside in the map. On every occasion, the game will give you gem to use. Use gem to speed up your process and maybe buy extra item that can help you in battle. Unfortunately, gem is rare and hard to get. Your main option is buy them via in-game shop.

You can use your cash to buy more gems. But please don’t do that. We specially create this dark ages 2 gems hack generator to gives you unlimited gem. With unlimited gem you can have powerful rune, strong troops, hard defence kingdom because anything can be finished instantly.

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  • Unlimited gem
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