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If you are looking for a copycat of clash of clan game then Cloud Riders can be the perfect companion for you. Released originally on windows mobile devices to fill the hole of playing city building RTS games like clash of clans, Cloud Riders has gain popularity among windows device player and the developer soon release it for android and apple devices. Your goal, your ultimate goal is, to defend your precious floating island from enemy attack and attack other floating island to get loot.

You can build canon, crossbow, laboratory research, clear obstacle on your island, finish the campaign mission and join guild to have more fun with other. Cloud Riders makes you play as a sky pirates and with really fun graphic, very colorful and a lot of action happen, the developer also promises to bring new things regularly with every update just to make sure player won’t feel bored.

The real fun of city building game comes when you start to create your own city. If you play The Sims series, this feeling just like when you create your sim character. You will spend a moment on placing the position of your building, the walls, and your defend turrets. All those comes in the cost of some coins, clouds and diamonds. Coins and clouds are easily obtained by mining from your resource building and reward from raiding other island.

Coins are needed for upgrading building and walls while clouds for deploying your units or if you destroy obstacle in your island. Diamonds is your hard earned premium currency. You can instantly finish every process thus making your army and stronghold harder and stronger.

Diamonds is very very hard to get. You will need hundreds if you plan to get another builder and increase by fairly large amount again if you want another one. If you don’t want to spend your real money to get more diamonds and do all the magic then you’ve come to right place. We have created the Cloud Riders diamonds hack generator. You can use it as much as you want without spending your real money. Finish anything faster and become the top player of Cloud Riders.

Our cloud riders diamond hack generator features:

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited resources
  • No-banned account protection
  • No-virus and malware
  • Compatible on all devices
  • No JB or Root required
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