Asterix and Friends Max Roman Helmets Hack Generator Online

Asterix and Friends Max Roman Helmets Hack Generator Online

Hello, there good people! It is time for us to inform you the result of our research on the game called Asterix and Friends, an exciting game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe for iOS and Android. This strategy game is fascinating and will instantly captivate you from the moment you play it. It will keep you playing for hours and days to come, unlike any other games that you’ve played on your smartphone.

Based on a famous Asterix and Obelix series, in the game, you will build your village in Asterix’s world. Explore the land, join forces with your other players and create an active guild to fight back the Roman army. One of the fastest ways to build your village and army is by using Roman Helmet.

It is the real cash currency in the world of Asterix and Friends that can be used to purchase many unique items and upgrades that you can’t get in another way. The only problem is that you acquire Roman Helmet via the in-app purchases, which means that you have to pay quite a significant amount of money.


But we have an alternative way to get Roman Helmet if you can follow these instructions:

  1. Click the link below or above
  2. Type in your Asterix and Friends ID
  3. Type in any amount of your Roman Helmet requirements
  4. Wait for a bit, and all of the Roman Helmet will be ready to use in the game

The Asterix and Friends Roman Helmets Hack Generator is a hack tool that runs on a particular engine created by a team of professional hackers and programmers.

By using this tool, you can generate any amount Roman Helmet and any items that you want instantly. You can also hack into any of the game previously unaccessible contents. You are no longer required to pay anything just to have fun.

The Asterix and Friends Hack Tool features:

  • Roman Helmet generator
  • Item generator
  • Access to unlocked and exclusive contents
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